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Many companies try to wear a lot of hats for their clients ... web design, SEO, landing page development and more. PPC management is also often added, but it is rarely the main focus. This is a mistake. Here at Cygnus Cordial, we focus on his laser results, because we all work together under one roof, for Chicago. Our work is not entrusted.

Why We Love PPC

Our mission at Cygnus Cordial is to change the world with one click.

Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than watching our customers grow their business.It hurts us to see that inefficient PPC management is wasting business opportunities.

To get the most out of your campaigns, we create a consistent and engaging message that combines the right keywords, ad messages, and site sales experience.

Still, we don’t stop here. We test and analyze every aspect of your campaign and strictly optimize it from click to finish.

With a consistent combination of PPC management, optimization and analysis, we grow companies … with one click.

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Paid Media Services of Cygnus Cordial is a ROI. Therefore, our agency is one of the best! We offer accurate tracking and funnel-based media strategies that are transparent and effective – we can show it all in our paid media. We conduct consistent A / B testing to personalize each paid campaign for each client and identify the best scenarios that will bring the most profitable results.

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Our Pay Per Click team members are experts in their field. They provide quality traffic shaping in Google Ads, with a focus on precise targeting so that every ad reaches our customers’ audience. Cygnus aligns with our traffic and targeting tactics in our paid media strategies and has in-house content creators who create conversion-focused personalized copies for results at home.

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As an expert in the field, you can use multiple search platforms and stay up to date on the technology and user experience on each ad platform. Our PPC management team can help you improve your visibility with Bing Ads outside of Google!

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Our display strategies include creating personalized and engaging images and high quality placement. Our in-house designers work closely with our pay-per-click team to make each ad unique and conversion-driven. Cygnus Pay Media values ​​the importance of every step of the PPC process and adapts it to each outcome. Display advertising is program-controlled with personalized media files.

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